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Digital is transforming the landscape of associations. From fundraising to member network management, there are numerous challenges to successfully transitioning an association, such as:
  • Activation: How to find alternatives to email marketing to keep association members engaged, even between in-person events?
  • Networking: How to create connections between members, partners, and potential ecosystem?
  • Acquisition: How to break down geographical and time barriers to convince new members to join the association?
  • Expertise: How to centralise and share all available content with association members?
  • Revenue: What additional arguments can be presented to donors or partners?

Associations are digitizing their offerings

For an association, the value created for a member lies in the quality of the shared content, the exchanges with other members, the quality of shared moments, and the sense of belonging that the association manages to develop among its members. Communication is at the heart of the success of association projects.

Social networks are a necessary but not sufficient response. They allow the association to promote itself and the cause it defends. But once this notoriety is established, the association must, in order to retain its members, bring them into a more protected space, less polluted by third-party information flows.

Post-Covid, with the emergence of online communities, associations have a real opportunity to stay close to their members by offering them a digital experience in addition to physical events. Their members have all become familiar with online engagement tools (webinars, forums), and some even require such an approach to remain engaged within these associations.

A platform to stay in touch with members 365 days a year

In-person events will remain the highlights of association animation and programming. But online animation of such a community opens up new perspectives thanks to:
Among the expectations of your prospects towards this community, we can find:
  • Digital events: organizing online events in shorter and more frequent formats (webinars, workshops, conferences, experience sharing).
  • A better segmentation: creating groups of members based on their interests to better engage them.
  • Inspiration: sharing relevant content with members.
  • Agora: allowing community members to exchange with each other in group discussions (forum) or one-on-one.
  • Revenues: offering annual partnerships to partners to ensure their presence and participation within the association; limiting access to certain online content to donating members or certain levels of members.
  • Networking: facilitating connections between members.
The network administrator also has the ability to analyze the activities of members within the community, identify the most active members, and their preferred topics, and identify topics on which to organize speaking engagements at events.

Such a community is also an additional argument to attract new members and retain existing ones.

MeltingSpot assists you in the launch of your Community 😇

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  • Our Bootcamp will train your team internally to manage such a community.
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