Startups:Boost your leadgen with a community


Brand Community

In its early years, a startup faces numerous challenges:
  • Acquisition: How to attract new customers and accelerate their education (and therefore your sales cycles)?
  • Activation: How to ensure that prospects create their account and start actively using your product or service?
  • Communication: Would you like to open a new, more effective communication channel with your prospects, beyond traditional channels such as email marketing or newsletters?
  • Brand awareness: In a particularly competitive context, what are the new communication channels? How can you ensure that you are identified among your target audience?

Community to accelerate the go-to-market

There are multiple go-to-market strategies for startups, including sales-led, product-led, or community-led approaches.

The latest of these strategies, which has been used by successful startups such as Notion, Figma, and Spendesk in recent years, involves placing the community of prospects and customers at the heart of commercial development.

Community-led Startups often aim to reduce their customer acquisition costs, shorten long sales cycles, and minimize the number of one-on-one contacts between their sales teams and prospects.

Reduce your sales cycles by 3

A community of practice or interest involves creating an exclusive space within which your startup can create and share high-quality content with members. Such a community is intended to accelerate the education of your target audience about your market and reduce your sales cycles by 3 to 5 times.

Among the expectations of your prospects towards this community, we can find:
  • Events: organizing online (and sometimes in-person) highlights such as conferences, expert workshops, and webinars, as well as inviting your prospects to participate.
  • Networking: connecting your prospects with industry, product, or market experts.
  • Content: Educate and inspire your prospects by publishing information about the market, relevant regulations, and sharing customer testimonials.
  • Agora: facilitating peer-to-peer exchanges and helping members overcome challenges.
  • Segmentation: creating groups based on market, interests, region, etc., to enable more targeted communications to community members.
Managing such a community becomes an integral part of your customer acquisition and activation funnel. It becomes the missing link between your communication channels (social media, PR) and your product/service. It improves and accelerates your nurturing efforts compared to email marketing campaigns, which may suffer from declining deliverability rates.

It's worth noting that being among the first to establish such a community can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.
As an Admin, you can invite and welcome members, know where they come from (which marketing campaign), create interest groups, suggest content to them (by mentioning them), make connections, identify matured customers to upsell additional services and create workshops on certain cross-cutting topics.

MeltingSpot assists you in the launch of your Community 😇

You don’t have the time to properly manage this Academy? Don't put off your Academy project any longer. We can assist you through:
  • Our Community Studio which, under your control, prepares the launch of your prospect community, creates the necessary content (tutorials, visuals, ...), invites and welcomes your members
  • Our Bootcamp will train your team internally to manage such a prospect community.
Need more info? Make an appointment for a 15-minute call  with one of our experts on prospects communities.