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Whether you are a consulting firm, an accounting expert, or a law firm, you are likely facing some of these business challenges:
  • Retention: How to go beyond the tasks you bill to your clients? How to maintain the connection between each of these tasks?
  • Education: How to share expert content, news or regulatory updates?
  • Communication: In a context where marketing emails are increasingly being ignored, how can you open an unsaturated communication channel with your clients?
  • Networking: How to create a digital ecosystem mixing customers, partners and experts
  • Brand awareness: How can you establish yourselves as an authority in your preferred domain and remain an opinion leader in an increasingly competitive media environment?

Your existing customers are your greatest asset

A consulting or accounting firm has several hundred (or thousand) clients. It must regularly communicate with them in order to provide value, beyond the missions for which it bills them.

It also seeks to establish its authority in a specific market by positioning itself as an opinion leader.

On the other hand, clients of these firms are seeking expertise and sharing of best practices. As part of their business development, they are happy to join networks, both in-person and digital, that allow them to present their activities to potential clients, partners, or advocates.

Stop referring to your client portfolio, and start talking about your customer community 📈

Any consulting firm regardless of its size can establish a customer community and thus optimize all customer interactions. Here are some examples of activities that you will be able to offer to this community:
  • Events: host webinars, workshops or conferences on current topics, expert topics
  • Inspiration & expertise: share expert or or market news
  • Agora: lead discussions in a forum
  • Networking: Facilitating connections among community members (business networking) and with internal (within the firm) and external (industry-specific) experts.
  • Promotions: organization of pitch sessions or thematic workshops by certain members
  • Workgroups: creating groups of customers and experts on specific topics
👉 As the administrator of this community, you can invite and welcome your ecosystem, create groups, and analyze the activity rates of your members. You survey their satisfaction, evaluate their level of engagement, and identify the most requested topics on which you can offer them content.

The benefits of such a community include long-term customer loyalty and identifying topics on which your community members may need support from your teams (upselling).

MeltingSpot assists you in the launch of your Community 😇

You don’t have the time to properly manage this Academy? Don't put off your Academy project any longer. We can assist you through:
  • Our Community Studio which, under your control, prepares the launch of your Academy, creates the necessary content (tutorials, visuals, ...), invites and welcomes your members
  • Our Bootcamp will train your team internally to manage such a community.
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