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Regardless of the size of your SaaS or the industry you operate in, the issues to be resolved are often the same:
  • Education & onboarding: Do you wish to facilitate customers' use of your tool, continue educating existing customers about your market, and strengthen your legitimacy?
  • Activation: How to activate more "freemium" or "free trial" accounts without increasing your Customer Success resources?
  • Churn reduction: How to reduce the risk of unsubscribers and significantly increase customer loyalty in an increasingly competitive context?

Education, Activation, Retention: The Virtuous Cycle of Customer Relationship

1 out of 2 SaaS companies have activation problems and seek to convert "freemium" or trial customers into paying customers. At the same time, they want to accelerate the adoption of their product/service, help customers discover all features, and use it to its full potential.

The vast majority of SaaS companies are also looking to reorganize their Customer Success operations, significantly increasing the number of customers handled by each CSM or Account Manager. They are accelerating the digitization of the support offered and implementing a less and less 1:1 approach - except for key accounts where it is important to preserve this type of relationship.

Finally, in an uncertain economic context, churn reduction has also become a significant challenge. It has become more critical than ever, and more cost-effective to retain existing customers rather than acquire new ones. Churn reduction involves developing a special link between the customer and their provider. These companies must, therefore, continue to educate their customers through expert speeches, conferences, or workshops. They must provide access to high-value-added and exclusive content, involve them in their future developments and give them a voice.

Start Your Customer Academy 👩🎓

An Academy is not a series of pre-recorded online courses made available to your customers on a landing page (at best).

An Academy is a dedicated, community-based space reserved for your customers and often accessible from your product (via an SSO or an "embed"). This hub offers them:
  • Training sessions for getting started with your SaaS, live (webinars or workshops) or on-demand (video tutorials).
  • Inspiration: content to inspire, give ideas, educate on the market, share examples, customer testimonials or feedbacks
  • Agora: this discussion forum allows members to easily find content, tips ... and gives the admin the opportunity to highlight more interesting conversations compared to others
  • Feedback loop: let your customers vote for a feature, view the product roadmap, and provide ideas for improvement.
  • Networking: access to experts (internal and external) or to customers
👉 As an Admin of the Academy, you can invite and welcome members, establish interest groups, suggest content (by mentioning them), make connections, ask them to test new features, collect their feedback, or even push ideas into the product roadmap.

Admins can also 'score' members of their Academy. Identify the most active or on the contrary the ones who need to be re-engaged. You can encourage more mature customers to switch to a paid or a more complete offer and identify the risk of churn.

MeltingSpot assists you in the launch of your Community 😇

You don’t have the time to properly manage this Academy? Don't put off your Academy project any longer. We can assist you through:
  • Our Community Studio which, under your control, prepares the launch of your Academy, creates the necessary content (tutorials, visuals, ...), invites and welcomes your members
  • Our Bootcamp will train your team internally to manage such an Academy.
Need more info? Make an appointment for a 15-minute call  with one of our Academy experts.