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Indirect sales are a formidable lever for development. However, building and managing a network of reseller requires overcoming some challenges:

  • Activation: How to find alternatives to marketing emails to keep your resellers engaged, even between in-person events? How to find new solutions to increase your sales?
  • Retention: In a competitive environment, how to keep your reseller partners engaged with your product and brand? How to create a genuine communication channel between them and you, beyond newsletters and social media?
  • Support: Do you want to centralize all the requests, feedback, and improvement suggestions from your reseller? Create a space where resellers can exchange, share best practices, and provide advice?
  • Education: How to present product updates and new pricing structures to your reseller partners? How to involve them in discussions about future product developments?

Build a strong connection between your brand and your resellers

In a context where capturing the attention of the audience on social media has become increasingly challenging, many brands are seeking alternatives to convince integrators or retailers to distribute their products or services.

Moreover, since the COVID-19 pandemic, these resellers also prefer more frequent contact, even if it is digital. This new reality simplifies the work of brand referencing, as there are other solutions available besides field salespeople or multi-brand representatives.

Launch your reseller community

Publishers or brands can take advantage of the opportunity to create a digital reseller network and engage it through online events, content, and exchanges. This network has no geographical boundaries. The key to success lies in the value created by the brand for these resellers. The principle of "give and take" is more relevant than ever in this case, and it involves:
  • A resource library: Centralize and share all your content, such as pricing grids, technical sheets, and order forms
  • Inspiration: Share content to inspire, provide ideas, educate about the market, and share examples, customer testimonials, or feedback
  • Feedback collection: Your resellers will have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions for improving the services or products of the company
  • Agora: Create a discussion forum that allows members to easily find content, advice, and enables admins to highlight interesting conversations
  • Communication Channel: Open a new channel of discussion with your customers and prospects that is less saturated than emails or social media, and more collaborative
  • Support: through a forum for questions and answers, group demos, and "Ask Me Anything" sessions
As an Admin, you can invite and welcome members, establish interest groups, suggest content (by mentioning them), establish connections, ask for feedback on new ideas or features, collect feedback, and encourage reactions to new ideas.

Admins can also score members, identifying the most active ones or those who may need re-engagement.

MeltingSpot assists you in the launch of your Community 😇

You don’t have the time to properly manage this Academy? Don't put off your Academy project any longer. We can assist you through:
  • Our Community Studio which, under your control, prepares the launch of your reseller community, creates the necessary content (tutorials, visuals, ...), invites and welcomes your members
  • Our Bootcamp will train your team internally to manage such a community.
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