Franchisors: start a Franchisee Academy


Professional Network

Building a network of franchisees is not easy. Effectively animating it is not either. Several challenges can be identified:
  • Education & Onboarding: How to facilitate communication and information updates for franchisees in my network; continue to train them on my market, processes, brand, and support their development?
  • Activation: How to find alternatives to marketing emails to keep franchisees in your network informed?
  • Networking: How to foster connections among franchisees, industry experts, and potential partners?
  • Expertise: Do you want to centralize and share all the expert content made available to members of the network?
  • Revenues: How to present an additional selling point to potential new franchisees?

The success of a franchise network lies in the fluidity of communication.

All franchised networks are looking to accelerate the adoption of their processes, help franchisees perform their job to the best of their ability, train them on market trends, processes, and brand guidelines, and assist them in their development.

It is under these conditions that the franchised network will preserve and enhance the quality of its operations and brand trust.

Launch your Franchisee Academy 👩🎓

A Franchise Academy is not a series of pre-recorded online courses made available to your franchisees on a landing page (at best).

An Academy is a dedicated, community-driven space reserved for your franchisees and often accessible from your product (via SSO or embedding). This hub offers them:
  • Training: Live training sessions (such as webinars or workshops) or on-demand video tutorials on your processes.
  • Inspiration: Content to inspire, generate ideas, educate on the market, share examples, customer testimonials, or feedback.
  • Networking: Access to experts (internal and external) or other franchisees through networking opportunities.
  • Expert Content: centralize and make available articles, playbooks, white papers, and replays. Also, make experts available within the community to allow founders and C-levels to ask questions or request benchmarks (e.g. a GTM expert in the US).
  • Feedback: The ability to collect feedback on the functioning of the network and provide ideas for improvement.
  • Agora: A discussion forum that allows members to easily find content, advice, and where admins can highlight interesting conversations.
👉 As an Admin of the Academy, you can invite and welcome members, establish interest groups, suggest content (by mentioning them), make connections, ask them to test new features or simply ideas, collect their feedback, or even push ideas into the product roadmap.

Admins can also 'score' members of their Academy. Identify the most active or on the contrary the ones who need to be re-engaged.

MeltingSpot assists you in the launch of your Community 😇

You don’t have the time to properly manage this Academy? Don't put off your Academy project any longer. We can assist you through:
  • Our Community Studio which, under your control, prepares the launch of your Academy, creates the necessary content (tutorials, visuals, ...), invites and welcomes your members
  • Our content: Do you need a speaker for an upcoming live event or a playbook on a specific topic? Find what you're looking for in our marketplace of exclusive content.
  • Our Bootcamp will train your team internally to manage such an Academy.
Need more info? Make an appointment for a 15-minute call  with one of our experts.