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Out with passive audiences.
In with engaged communities.

There is nothing more valuable than your audience. What if you could give it a safe Spot, away from social media noise, to interact with you and other members? In other words, what if you gave it what it deserves?
To make the most out of your audience, turn it into a community!

Build up your community as you go

Each and every menu of your Spot (Homepage, Lives, Discussions, Collections, Members) can be switched off so
you can start simple, and build it step by step.

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Why build a community on MeltingSpot?

MeltingSpot is able to replace an average of 13 tools used daily by a community builder.
Close leads 3 times faster with community vs. inbound
A message delivered to your community is 10x more likely to be read than a social media post.

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These resources will help you get started

Community Playbook: Tips and tricks to get your community off the ground

Ready to go

For all beginner community builders looking for a guide to get started right away.

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