Fast track your go-to-market with a community

Marketers it's time to stop creating content and not doing anything with it. Webinars, articles, ebooks, support forums... Make them count, bring them together in a community.

Make your community your #1 acquisition channel

Everybody's fed up with nurturing emails. Organise your prospects as a community to feed them with live videos and engage them with discussions. Turn them into customers 3 times faster than classic inbound prospects.
Give your prospects the community they deserve.

Build up your community as you go

Each and every menu of your Spot (Homepage, Lives, Discussions, Collections, Members) can be switched off so
you can start simple, and build it step by step.

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Extra reach and free content with our Content marketplace

👉 Push your content to partner Spots to increase your reach.

👉 Pick relevant content from other Spots to feed your community.
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Make your community dream come true


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Why build a community on MeltingSpot?



Close leads faster with community vs. inbound



Cut through the noise! Community discussions engage way more than social media posts



Community members are 35% more likely to become customers (over regular prospects)

Discover existing Spots

Community of interest
Founders community
Professional network community

You're not alone!

A dedicated CSM

One of our happy Community Success Managers will be dedicated to your account for any support. Yes, at MeltingSpot, CSM stands for Community Success Manager.

Work with a Sidekick.

Not enough time to spare for your community? MeltingSpot provides you with an expert from a few hours to several days a week to build, grow and engage your community.

Why build a community on MeltingSpot?


MeltingSpot is able to replace an average of 13 tools used daily by a community builder.


Close leads 3 times faster with community vs. inbound


A message delivered to your community is 10x more likely to be read than a social media post.

See what these happy users have to say 😍

Anne-Gaëlle Fauchon
Marketing Manager @Younited
We had two priorities: talking to our prospects in a different way and providing them with relevant content. MeltingSpot allowed us to create and engage our community of prospects.
Margot Alliod
B2B Marketing manager @Esker
We have a partner ecosystem that revolves around our solutions. We wanted to animate them regularly, present them with new features, and share best practices. We brought them together in a spot, which was very much appreciated by our teams but also by our partners

See what these happy users have to say 😍

These resources will help you get started

Community Playbook: Tips and tricks to get your community off the ground

Ready to go

For all beginner community builders looking for a guide to get started right away.

Community Lab: join to learn about Community-Led Growth


Advise & get advised

For all community builders out there: whether you’re still learning, or master the art of Community-Led Growth.

[Ebook] From Webinar to Community: Only one step … which we help you take!


For those who want to turn their distracted webinar audience into year-round clients.