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The first-of-its-kind community engagement platform to centralise content, events, forums and more.

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One platform. Multiple business outcomes.

Host compelling webinars to bring in leads. Turn them into customers over time! Learn more

1 in 2 SaaS faces activation issues. Signing freemium users is great. Turning them into paying customers is better. Learn more

Impoving your topline starts with outstanding customer loyalty. Learn more

Community is the best way to engage prospects, clients, customers, partners... far from cluttered mailboxes and noisy social media. Learn more

Ecosystems can thrive online... provided you give them the right place to meet, discuss and share content. Learn more

Kill two birds with one stone. Collect product feedback easily, and be sure to develop a product your customers will love and need. Learn more

Embed education & community features into your platform

MeltingSpot can boost your onboarding and education experience with community features. Bring webinars, forums and content right
into your product and make sure your customers learn quickly how to make the post out of your product.

Unleash the power of peer support and let your customers ping the community with any question.

Upskill your members with courses, masterclasses, product updates, worshops, talks with experts. And more.

1:1 or bulk messages. Build your own dedicated communication channel with your customers.

Centralize all your product marketing and education content (video tutorials, e-books, case studies, how to's…).

Easily segment your customer base, create groups, and analyze behaviors.

Connect MeltingSpot to your favourite tools, and enjoy a central place for all your data.

Organize video Training Sessions, Product updates, Customer Case Studies, and more.

Your community. Your Spot. Your rules.

Build a Customer Community to improve your onboarding & education

Host feature release webinars
Share video how to's and helpdesk articles
Launch and moderate discussions amongst your customers
Connect your customers with your product experts with 1:1 discussion

Build a Brand Community to raise your awareness and leadgen

Organize a webinar series to acquire members
Split your audience into smart groups of interest
Centralize and organize all your curated content (Playbook, white papers, podcasts...)
Track member engagement

Build a Digital Ecosystem to level-up your network

Organise all your events, both IRL and online
Facilitate networking between your members
Connect your members with the best experts
Share content, start endless discussions

Connect with all your favorite tools!

Stop juggling with countless apps and tools to power up your community. Build bridges between your customer community platform and your CRM, ticketing and roadmap tools.

Setting up our community with MeltingSpot was so easy.
You can use the templates and don't need to code anything.

Daniella Weston

Customer Marketing Manager

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