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Bring together your members in one Spot

  • One single Spot. Endless groups
  • Personalized branding
  • All your lives, discussions and shared content in one place
  • Generate action, not noise

Live streams made easy

  • Configure, start or schedule any live with our built-in studio
  • Pick your preferred format: webinars, conferences, workshops…
  • Manage invites and communication templates

Let your members connect

  • Generate engagement with simple and powerful discussion boards
  • 1:1 and group chat, polls, live chat
  • Channels and threads to drive engagement, not noise

Share content with other communities

  • Send streaming requests to partner Spots
  • Broadcast any content to increase your reach (lives, articles, resources...)
  • Source content from other communities to feed your own

Analytics and insights

  • Get to know your members
  • Slice and dice your audience for highly curated content
  • Create dynamic groups, leaderboards, and more

Autopilot your community with automation

  • Member journey mapping
  • Unlimited triggers (emails, notifications, direct messages...)
  • Integrate with your preferred tools (Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce...)
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See what these happy users have to say 😍

Anne-Gaëlle Fauchon
Marketing Manager @ Younited
We had two priorities: talking to our prospects in a different way and providing them with relevant content. MeltingSpot allowed us to create and engage our community of prospects.
Margot Alliod
B2B Marketing manager @ Esker
We have a partner ecosystem that revolves around our solutions. We wanted to animate them regularly, present them with new features, and share best practices. We brought them together in a spot, which was very much appreciated by our teams but also by our partners

See what these happy users have to say 😍

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