Build a unique Customer Hub.
Your tool, your space, your way!

Sustain an ongoing engagement

Built-in studio

Stream and record public or private live sessions from our built-in studio, YouTube, or LinkedIn.


Turn your interactions into a knowledge base!

Knowledge base

Create public or private collections to gather all your documents.


Chat with other members from anywhere on the app, in private or in group discussions.

Embed one, two, or all our features in your product

Enhance your onboarding and educational experience with educational features. Integrate webinars, forums, and content directly into your product, enabling your customers to maximise their product experience.


Use a Single sign-on (SSO) to connect any user of your product to your Spot.


Notify your members right into your product to streamline communication with them.

Your Spot, your rules.


Give your Spot your brand’s image: logo, colors, font... Your Spot, your style!

Modular Spot

Activate or deactivate any section of your Spot: Home, Lives, Discussions, Collections, or Members Directory.


Automate your messages to save time feeding your members with news.


Trigger events in external apps based on your Spot activities.

Keep track and analyse activities

Monitor your members

Identify active and dormant members over time.

Export activities

Keep complete track of anyone’s actions on your Spot, and download file to your computer.

Content performance

Evaluate interest in your upcoming and past lives, documents, and discussion channels.

Smart audience table

Activate your members by triggering messages and group attribution from your admin view.

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