Educate your customers
on your product,
in your product.

Our Customer Education Platform offers a comprehensive toolkit to help your customers self-educate with  🎓 online courses , 🎥 webinars, 💬 forums , 📚 knowledge base , — and more.

Activate customers 3x faster

Cut support tickets by 50%

Drive additional revenues at low CS effort

Scale Customer Onboarding

Maintaining high-quality onboarding is one of the top challenges that comes with a growing customer base. Time to implement 1:1 many interactions and relieve your CS team workload!

Accelerate Product Adoption

Your customers deserve memorable learning experiences. Offer them the right content at the right time.

Unlock expansion opportunities

Identify high-potential (or at-risk) customers to facilitate renewals and upsells. Pamper your customers, and they will be your greatest ambassadors.

Fix your hottest CS challenges with top notch Customer Education


Keep your customers in your product

Stop investing in off-site customer education strategies. Deliver in-context learning experiences. Make sure your content gives your customers a good reason to stick around your product.

Single sign-on



Jonny Tennyson


"The place where you support your customer is absolutely central. There is no point piling up resources in a distant downtown library if your customers are not prepared to drive there."

Offer multiple & engaging learning formats

Steer away from static helpdesks. Introduce webinars, forums, and interactive content for a more engaging experience.



Knowledge base

Pauline Fauque

Head OF CUSTOMER success

"By offering diverse learning formats, we ensure that every client finds the learning style that suits them best. This tailored approach has significantly enhanced our customer onboarding and activation processes."


Deliver best-in-class self service customer education

Your educational content is all over the place? Bring it all under one roof. Create, organise and update the resources needed to  fast-track product adoption.






Track customer education efficiency

One central learning hub means easy data management for your team. Gain valuable insights into your customer needs. And plug customer education datas to the rest of your CS stack.


Activity log

audience management

Customer Success: Insights from 2500+ CS Leaders

Our survey of 2500+ CS Leaders worldwide reveals invaluable insights. Discover trends, best practices, and innovative approaches that top CS teams are employing.

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