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Helping community
builders deliver great
content and events

Bring your members together on one spot

  • 1 minute, 3 clicks configuration
  • Logo, colors, name, resources: customise your spot to your image
  • Build your own lives, collections, discussions and audiences

Stream any live

  • All your live events set up in 3 clicks
  • Built-in studio: stream easily and quickly all your types of lives (webinars, conferences, workshops, roundtables, physical events)
  • Multistream to Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Telegream, Trovo and Telegram

Let your members connect

  • Discussion boards: easily generate strong engagement
  • 1to1 chat, group chat, live chat: let your members share and interact
  • Channel management thread: all your messages smoothly organized
  • Members directory: let your members get to know each others

Monitor your spot's activity

  • Live dashboard: analyze the activity for each of your events
  • Participants: identify active members and wake up the passive ones
  • Attendance rate: Give your members events that their interested in

Get to know your members

  • Audience management tool: analyze and monitor your members
  • Smart groups: segment your community, nurture your members differently and get closer to them
  • Registration form: segment your members as soon as they join
  • UTM tracking of your Spot members

Autopilot your community

  • Unlimited triggers: save time and effort
  • Full automation: match your action plan with your triggers (emails, notifications, in app messages)
  • Integrations with the best tools (Zapier, Hubspot...)
  • Email digest: keep your members up to date

Build up your community as you go

  • Each and every menu of your Spot (Homepage, Lives, Discussions, Collections, Members) can be switched off so you can start simple, and grow step by step.
  • Ex: Start bringing webinars to your community, then implement content or discussions whenever you're all set

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