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MeltingSpot features

Build the Academy your
Customers truly need.

Key features for an ongoing customer education


Stream and record public or private live sessions from our built-in studio, YouTube, or LinkedIn.


Create lessons, assign members, track progress, and follow-up with Q&As.

Forums and discussions

Start a chat with other members and turn your interactions into a knowledge base!

Knowledge base

Create public or private collections to gather all your documents.

Multimodal. In-app. In-context.

Engage, onboard and activate your customers the way they are.

Webinars & Workshops


Forums & Discussions

Knowledge Base

Build your Academy

Embed one, two, or all our features in your product

Enhance your onboarding and educational experience with educational features. Integrate webinars, forums, and content directly into your product, enabling your customers to maximise their product experience.


Use a Single sign-on (SSO) to connect any user of your product to your Spot.


Notify your members right into your product to streamline communication with them.

Make it uniquely yours.

Personalize your Academy to reflect your brand, and tailor the experience to your preferences.
Integrate webinars, forums, and content directly into your product, enabling your customers to maximise their product experience.
Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to connect any user to your Academy.
Build your Academy one feature at a time and customise it with your brand identity.
Notify users right into your product.
Modular Spot
Start simple, add features along the way.

Automate your tasks.

Make challenges easier.

Connect your Academy to other services for seamless integrations.
Trigger events in external apps based on your Spot activities.
Automate your messages to save time feeding your members with news.
Create bridges between MeltingSpot events and your external tools. Webhooks allow you to integrate your Spot with your external tools
API Access
Facilitate communication and data exchange between MeltingSpot and different software systems.
Share content
Share all your content outside MeltingSpot.

Track, analyze, optimize.

Monitor activities and gain insights. Understand your customers better to maximize their learning experience.
Activity log
View content performance and measure your clients' needs and expectations
View content performance, and measure your clients’ needs and interests.
Audience cohorts
Segment your audience and manage access to any content.
Data export
Keep complete track of anyone’s actions on your Spot, and download file to your computer.
Not all content is for everyone!
Build your Academy

Push the right content, at right time, to the right customer.

Create tailored learning paths with our widget features. 
Deliver personalized content based on customer cohorts, right within your product.
See in action
See in action


What is MeltingSpot?

What is the ROI of MeltingSpot?

How long does it take to implement?

How long does it take to implement? From 2 hours to 2 days.

Do I need a developer to integrate MeltingSpot into my interface?

Does MeltingSpot offer an API and integrate with my CRM?

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