In-app education

Build amazing customer education experiences.
In your product.

Drop videos, tutorials, courses, webinars, forum discussions - and more, anywhere along the product adoption journey. All without code.

Make self-education happen

There is more to self-education than a distant static knowledge base. Build personalised education tracks inside your product.

Deliver education in a user-friendly way

Your customers deserve memorable learning experiences. Offer them the right content at the right time. At no additional effort.

Fast-track customer onboarding

Create value early on. Explain the 'how to' and the 'why' behind your product.

See our in-app Education builder in action

Drop your content in context

Educational content is central to customer success. You can't simply wait for your customers to look for it. Create widgets in your app or your website to push the right content at the right time.




Create and update in a breeze

Pinpoint the most critical steps on your product adoption journey. Create a drawer from your MeltingSpot admin panel. Decide what content you want to surface. Publish and update in one click.






Build custom Education journeys

All customers don't have the same maturity level regarding your market, products and services. Take their singularity into consideration and make sure they see the content they truly need.



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Pyv Garcia


"Dropping educational content right into your product is really made easy by the in-app education feature, and helps drive higher customer engagement"

Track your customers' progress

Monitor your customer activities and education score. Use this data to adjust onboarding journeys.



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Features for teams
willing to scale

Federated Search bar

Make all your content searchable from the in-app widgets.


Make your educational content private or public.


Notify users right into your product.

Multiple Formats

Bring content, videos, tutos, webinars, courses in your product.


Create in-app customer education journeys based on customer profiles


View content performance and measure your clients' needs and expectations.

In-app widgets

Build bridges between your product and your Community.


Send education datas to your preferred CS tools.

2 minute SURVEY

Join the Fun: Participate in our 'State of the CS Nation' Study!

Customer education is taking a front seat. Take part in the survey and get a sneak preview of the results!

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