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Building a customer community has been a hot topic for years now. But what do you know about building a customer academy?
  • How to build a B2B online customer community?
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A customer academy is a learning and development program that is designed to educate and train customers on a specific topic or product. It can be used to improve customer satisfaction, increase product adoption, and drive customer retention. Here are the definition and principles of a customer academy:

Customer Academy - Definition

A customer academy is a comprehensive educational program that is designed to help customers learn about a specific product or topic. It typically includes a combination of online training materials, webinars, and sometimes in-person training sessions.

What makes a good customer academy?

By following these principles, a customer academy can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve customer satisfaction, increase product adoption, and drive customer retention.

Focused on the customer

A customer academy should be designed with the customer in mind, addressing their needs and providing them with the information and skills they need.

Personalized and interactive

A customer academy should be personalized to each customer, providing them with a tailored learning experience. It should also be interactive, allowing customers to ask questions, provide feedback, and engage with other learners.

Continuous learning

A customer academy should not be a one-time event, but rather a continuous learning experience. It should be updated regularly to reflect new product releases, industry trends, and customer feedback.

Measurable results

A customer academy should be measurable, allowing businesses to track progress and measure the effectiveness of the program. This can include tracking metrics such as completion rates, satisfaction levels, and product adoption.

A Scalable academy

A customer academy should be scalable, allowing businesses to easily add new customers or expand the program to new markets.

Stand out from any customer academy

A customer academy is different from a traditional training program because it is focused on the customer and its needs. It is personalized and interactive, and is ongoing and measurable.
Some examples of companies that have implemented a customer academy are Salesforce, Adobe, and Hubspot. They have used different strategies and platforms to create a comprehensive and effective customer academy.
Process: The process of creating a customer academy involves several steps, including defining the goals, identifying the target audience, creating the content, delivering the content, measuring the results and continuously improving the program. It's important to have a clear plan and to execute it accordingly, it's also important to keep in mind that it's a continuous process of improvement.

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