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Create engaging events, host discussions and share contents. Segment your audience
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14 days free trial - no credit card required
Number of active members up to:
  • Additional active members : $0,99
  • Unlimited spot admins
  • Helpdesk & chat support
  • Custom onboarding
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Connect your community to your marketing stack. Unlimited support from our Community Builders
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  • Integrations with CRM & marketing automation tools
  • Dedicated community building support
  • All features included
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You don't have the dedicated human resources in-house? Work with a community expert from a few hours to several days a week
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  • A dedicated and flexible resource to kickstart your community
  • Define your Community Strategy
  • Configure the perfect Home for your community
  • Grow your community
  • Engage with appropriate content (live video, discussion forums)
  • Analyse & report

For small and mid-size communities


Up to 100 active members,
3 Admin seats,
Unlimited Livestreaming (max 100 attendees)
Start freeFeatures included
  • Private messaging
  • Group chats and forum
  • Content librairies
  • Smart groups
  • Audience Management
  • Analytics metrics
  • Content categories & tags
  • Email Support

For professional networks and
larger communities


Number of active members:
Unlimited Admin seats,
Unlimited Livestreaming (max 2000 attendees)
Contact SalesFeatures included
  • All starter pack features
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Advanced training (MeltingSpot Academy)

For Customer Communities, Academies
and large Corporates


More than 2 000 active members
Unlimited Admin seats,
Unlimited Livestreaming (unlimited attendees)
Contact SalesFeatures included
  • All starter pack features
  • API & webhooks
  • Advanced dashboards
  • Member activity scores
  • VIP Customer Success
  • Advanced training (MeltingSpot Academy)
  • -50% on our Booster "Launch Kit"

Boosters & packaged services

Launch Kit

The perfect option for busy teams. We get your community ready to launch in no time.

  • Spot configuration and design
  • Discussion forum setup
  • Drafting of all email templates
  • Curated content to kickstart your content library

2 000€

Event Kit

Events are the fastest way to acquire community members. We can organise your first three webinars or Talks. We can find world-class speakers, manage the whole invitation and acquisition process and moderation.


1 500€

Experts on demand

You want some experts to join your community, chat with your members, bring insights to your discussion forum. We can select experts and make them join your community.


2 000€

Content Kit

Designs, articles, videos… This can take a lot of time for your team. Let our designers get things done for you, under your control.


1 000€

Specific plans

For very Early-stage Startups & Nonprofits

Just like you, we were small when we launched.
And of course, we want to support awesome initiatives.

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Building communities or academies for your own clients?
Ask about our custom-made Agency plans.

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Dedicated resources

Community studio

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No doubt your team is awesome. But they have many other priorities. Our designers, event marketers, growth and content managers can get things done to fast track your Go To Community.

Bootcamp (May 2023)

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Whatever your business outcomes, our bootcamp can level-up your skills to achieve them. Learn how to build an Academy, a Customer Community or a Brand Community in just a couple of online classes.

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