Build better relationships with your Portfolio founders and teams

They deserve more than a Slack! Bring them a whole space where they can connect with peers, share tips and playbooks, learn best practices, attend online events and get answers to their burning questions.

Upskill your portfolio founders and teams

Speed and knowledge are key for your startups development. Make sure your portfolio companies can instantly connect to the best available content, webinars and experts.

Make networking great gain

Your portfolio is a golden mine for founders looking for peer feedbacks, testing new ideas, seeking for benchmarks.

Empower your Operating Partners

Make sure your OP team can help your portfolio companies achieve value faster.

Host all your events, webinars and training sessions in just one place

No need to send a link to a third-party platform. Utilize our built-in studio to stream all your live content. Centralize all your replays.

Simplify communications amongst portfolio companies and with Operating Partners

Let them reach out to each other via 1:1 or bulk messages. Make sure they can actively participate in a collaborative environment.

Centralize all your content in a central hub (tutorials, benchmarks, case studies, playbooks…).

Centralizing your content simplifies access for your portfolio companies, boosting their satisfaction and engagement.

Unleash the power of Discussions and let your founders ping the community with any question.

Let your portfolio companies collaborate in forums and chats. Reduce the workload on your OP team and enhance the overall learning experience.

Save time with Kiosk

Let Kiosk take the load off your hands – we create content, you simply add it to your Spot, or let us handle it all, from content creation to expert sourcing, tailored for your community's success.

We’re here to work with you

On-demand basis, our designers, event marketers, growth and content managers can get things done and fast track your Go-To Community.

This platform is truly designed to enable community building and nurturing. They've covered the two main community offerings (for us) quite well - connections and knowledge.

Subarna Bhattacharjee

Senior Associate, Platform


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