Customer Community

Unleash the power of peer learning.
Build a Customer Community.

Let your customers share tips, learn best practices, and get answers to their burning questions. Directly in your product. Reduce the workload on your CS team and enhance the overall customer learning experience.

Improve your CS team efficiency

It takes the right tools and processes to reach your targets in terms of retention, expansion and revenue growth.

Boost customer advocacy

Enough downward communication. Your customers seek more feedbacks and advice from their peers. Let your Community turn them into Ambassadors.

Build your #1 competitive edge

Your Community is a gold mine for feedback, benchmarks and testing news ideas.

See your Customer Community in Action

Handle forums, chats, and direct messages

Start client conversations right inside your product. Engage with them in a number of different ways.



Maria Elinton

Head of Customer Education

"We kept working getting users back in the product and at the same time we kept educating them on external tools. We decided to change the game and turned all our educational content into a very powerful user magnet."

Make sure your customers stick to your product

Stop off-site discussions with your customers on Slack, Zoom or other chat platforms. Add community features to your product and give your customers a good reason to return.



Split your customer base and easily manage access to your content

All your customers don’t have the same level of maturity. Manage access to channels and forums using our smart group and audience management advanced capabilities.

audience management


Stay in control

Let the conversations flow in your community. Keep an eye on chats, forums and channels. Easily moderate any inappropriate content.



Daniella Weston

Customer Marketing Manager

"We successfully leveraged MeltingSpot to create a vibrant online community, meeting customer demands for remote interaction and boosting satisfaction."

Start with a forum, build on top

Your customers might expect more than a forum. Level up your Community and turn it into a powerful Academy by adding webinars, courses and content librairies.



Knowledge Base

Track your customer activities

Monitor your customer engagement in the community. Use this data to inform customer health scores and adjust segmentation.

smart search


Activity Log

MeltingSpot enables the inclusion of educational content in your product (including webinars, video tutorials, knowledge base articles and onboarding documents) and provides advanced analytics to improve engagement and your understanding of your customers based on their interactions with content.

from Gartner's Market Guide for B2B Customer Community Platforms, 2Q24

Published March 7th, 2024

Features for teams
willing to scale

Search bar

Turn conversations into searchable knowledge.

Bulk messages

Send 1:1 messages to several members in one go.


Notify users right into your product.

Email digest

Automate community updates and drive repeat community logins.

Smart groups

Segment your audience and manage access to any content.


Highlight or alert members in any message or content.

In-app widgets

Build bridges between your product and your Community.


Connect your Community with your preferred CS tools.

2 minute SURVEY

Join the Fun: Participate in our 'State of the CS Nation' Study!

Customer education is taking a front seat. Take part in the survey and get a sneak preview of the results!

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