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Streamline Customer Onboarding & Education at minimum CS effort

Leverage the power of our customer education platform to shift towards a Low Touch Customer Success strategy. Less effort for your team, more value for your customers.

Scale Customer Onboarding

Maintaining high quality onboarding is one of the top challenges that comes with a growing customer base. Time to implement 1: many interactions and relieve your CS team workload!

Accelerate Product Adoption

Your customers deserve memorable learning experiences. Offer them the right content at the right time.

Increase Upsell & Customer Advocacy

Identify high potential (or at risk) customers to facilitate renewals and upsells. Pamper your customers and they will be your greatest ambassadors...


faster your time to activate


in support ticket load


increase in CS team productivity

Unleash the power of Discussions and let your customers ping the community with any question.

Let your customers share tips, learn best practices, and get answers to their burning questions. Reduce the workload on your CS team and enhance the overall customer learning experience.

Upskill your customers through live product sessions, office hours or expert masterclasses.

Stream and record any live event without multiplying tools. Just choose your workshop or webinar topic and let the magic happen in our built-in studio!

Create deeper bonds with your customers through dedicated communication channels.

Helpdesks and chatbots end up building too static and too 1:1 customer relationships. Now is the time to implement less top-down communication channels. Let your customers actively participate in a collaborative environment. Build direct, efficient and tailored interactions with them.

Centralize all your product marketing and education content (tutorials, ebooks, case studies, how to's…).

Over time, you've created so many resources for your customers. We provide you with the right library to store and order them, so that your audience can find the right information at the right time.

Segment your customers and sharpen your activation strategy.

Gain valuable insights to optimize customer education. Create groups and cohorts to offer custom onboarding to your customers.

Deliver Educational Content
where your customers already are!




Embed customer education features in any interface with a single code script #LowCode

Connect with all your favorite tools!

Stop juggling with countless apps and tools to power up your customer education. Build bridges between MeltingSpot and your CRM, ticketing and roadmap tools.

We successfully leveraged MeltingSpot to create a vibrant online community, meeting customer demands for remote interaction and boosting satisfaction.

Daniella Weston

Customer Marketing Manager


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