Slack alternative for your community

Your community deserves more than a simple messaging tool.

Welcome your community on a customised space

First impressions count. And you only get one chance!
MeltingSpot allows you to host your community on a customised homepage, to introduce your community and state its best practices.
Slack just brings you on the general discussion channel.

Go beyond instant video calls

Plan ahead and host conferences, workshops, masterclasses... you name 'em! Push them live on LinkedIn & Youtube and get extra reach with their replay.
MeltingSpot allows you to plan ahead, and decide who should be invited to such or such event.
Slack allows you to launch standard video calls.

Make sure your user content stand the test of time

Your messages are valuable! Save them even after 90 days.
MeltingSpot allows you to organise your discussions into channels and threads and save them for an unlimited time.
Slack allows the same thing, but costs $7 per month per user to save your discussions.

Don't just "access" your content, organise it

Your content is too valuable to be fleeting.
MeltingSpot allows you to organise your content in neatly organized collections. Ressource library at its best!
Slack only allows access to previously shared content through a search.

Measure your ROI, not just the number of messages sent

Monitor all your members' activities and optimise your ROI.
MeltingSpot gives you a whole set of data in order to monitor community engagement over time, and helps you improve your content and impact over time.
Slack offers standard data analysis based on discussions only.

Know your members, not just their name

There's no point in trying to engage your people if you don't know them closely!
MeltingSpot allows you to collect information about your members and segment your audience accordingly.
Slack offers a list of members and basic data about their activity.

How do they compare?



Active members
active in the last 3 months
every members
Free version
up to 20 active members
with no discussions history
Price for 100 active members
$89 / month
At least $675 / month
Price for 500 active members
$129 / month
At least $3,375 / month
Price for 2 000 active members
$249 / month
At least $13,500 / month
Planning a live video
Live broadcast (on LinkedIn / YouTube)
Conference format (micro and camera for speakers only)
Workshop format (micro and camera for everyone)
Lives history (replays)
Creating article pages
Importing contents
Organising contents in collections
Customisation of invitation emails
History of conversations
(paid version)
Members' analytics
Live video analytics
Members source acquisition
Members scoring
Groups & Smart groups
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