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For mid-sized companies and large corporations, the communication landscape is often saturated. However, there are many business challenges:

  • Acquisition: How to attract new customers and accelerate their education (and thus sales cycles)?
  • Education: How to share expert content, news, or product/market updates?
  • Communication: How to open a new, more effective communication channel with prospects, beyond traditional channels (marketing emails or newsletters)?
  • Brand Awareness: In a highly competitive environment, how can you find new communication channels and establish yourself as an opinion leader on your preferred topics?

Top-down communication is no longer effective

An enterprise, mid-sized company, or large corporation has hundreds (or thousands) of customers. It needs to regularly communicate with its customers to provide them with value beyond the products or services it bills them for.

It also seeks to establish its authority in the market by positioning itself as a thought leader on a specific subject.

On the other hand, the customers of these large accounts are looking for expertise, sharing of best practices, and networking opportunities. They want to be involved in the journey of their suppliers and influence their marketing and product development. They are eager to join networks, whether in-person or digital, that allow them to connect with their ecosystem (customers, partners, or potential advocates).

Creating a sense of belonging among your customers towards your brand

Set up a community of interest with the aim of centralizing and maximizing all interactions with your ecosystem. A well-implemented community of interest can quickly become the digital reference on a given topic and allow your brand to be associated with the image of professionalism and trust, thanks in particular to:
  • Digital events: hosting webinars or conferences on current and expert topics.
  • Inspiration & expertise: sharing expert content or market news.
  • Agora: moderating and animating discussion channels in a forum.
  • Task groups: creating customer and expert groups on specific topics or interests.
  • Networking: facilitating connections between members and internal (product or industry) or external (market) experts.
As the community administrator, you can invite and welcome your ecosystem, create groups, analyze member activity rates, survey member satisfaction levels, assess engagement levels, and identify the most requested topics on which you can offer content.

The benefits of such a community include reduced prospect acquisition costs, feedback collection, identification of areas where members may need support, creation of user-generated content (UGC), and fostering a sense of belonging among customers towards your brand.

MeltingSpot assists you in the launch of your Community 😇

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  • Our Bootcamp will train your team internally to manage such an Academy.
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